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Grant Overview

Geographic Area


Priority Funding Areas

Grants Awarded

Review Process


Grant applications are reviewed quarterly and are dependent on available funding.
Applications shall be completed by the Salt River Housing Division or the Senior Home Repair and Replacement Program.

Completed applications shall consist of the following materials:

  1. MHF Grant Application
  2. All necessary back-up documentation such as receipts, invoices, estimates, etc.

Optional supporting documents can be attached as necessary or as requested by the MHF Board of Directors. 

You will be notified once your application has been received.  Incomplete applications will be held and the applicant will be contacted for necessary missing elements or documentation.

Complete applications should be mailed to the following address:
Miracle House Foundation
c/o Grants Review Committee
P.O. Box 4738
Mesa, AZ 85211
If hand delivery of an application is preferred, please Contact Us.

CLICK HERE to download the Grant Application Form.

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